Fiber Optic Termination Tool Box 3

With the necessary tools and accessories included, the fiber optic termination tool box provides the ease and convenience for engineers to carry out their own connectors termination work at work sites. Tools that can terminate as well as polish the ST/SC/FC/LC/MU connector types are provided.

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The Fiber Optic Termination Tool Box includes some of the tools and accessories mentioned below. The full list can be found in the datasheet.


Direct Termination Tools & Accessories

Kevlar Cutter
Round Cable Stripper


Polishing Products

MU/LC Universal 1.25mm Polish Disc
Polishing Film – 3um, 9"x13"


Cleaners & Wipes

Connector Cleaner


Epoxy Products

Loctite 638 Adhesive


Test Equipment

Compact 200X Microscope with 2.5mm and 1.25mm universal adapter