Custom cables cater to many applications and requirements

Custom cables are usually created to cater to the requirements of specific applications and specifications. There are many variations for this category of cables ranging from cable constructions, cable materials and other areas. Custom cables can come in constructions combining that of the copper cables and fiber optic cables. With both cable constructions under one cable, the cost in term of labour cost can be reduced as one cable instead of two can be deployed at the same time. Other than constructions, the cable materials used to manufacture the custom cables can also differ. For example, the outer jacket material of some cables can contain special additives such as ultraviolet (UV) resistant, if they need to be exposed under the sun for a long period of time. On the other hand, some cables will have the anti-termite additive to prevent damage to the cables from the termites. The custom cables are highly customisable to suit the needs of the areas that they are deployed.

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Composite Cable

The composite cables comprise of more than one type of cable combine into one cable such power cable with fiber optic cable, control cable with fiber optic cable. These combinations will help to reduce deployment cost, as only one type of cable needs to be deployed.

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Copper Cable

The copper cables usually consist of conductors that are made of copper wires that are bundled together. There can be one or more copper conductors in a single copper cable as the medium of data transmission. Telephone cables, Paging and Speaker cables are some of the categories of the copper cables.

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Distributed Temperature Sensing Fiber Optic Cable (DTS)

Distributed temperature sensing fiber optic cable (DTS Cable) enables accurate measurements for the temperature to be obtained. Working together with a DTS measurement equipment, the DTS cable will act as a linear sensor where temperature can be measured with high precision plus-minus 1 degree Celsius.

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Drop Cable

With its flexibility and small bending radius, the drop cable is designed to work in Fiber to the x (FTTX) applications such as the Fiber to the home (FTTH). It is typically used in the connection of the fiber optic network to the end-user premise providing greater streaming speed. The drop cable can be deployed either aerial or buried underground.

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Fiber Cable

Fiber cable is a group of cables that comprise optical fibers in their constructions. The optical fibers are protected by the jacketing and armouring that are extruded over the optical fibers. Many fiber cable constructions are available and can be customized according to the requirements specified by the customers.