Fiber Optic Cables

FiberTek offers a variety of fiber optic cables which enable the transmission of high volume and quality data. These fiber optic cables can be used in various areas such as telecommunications, military and industrial. 

FiberTek offers both singlemode and multimode fiber optic cables. Singlemode fiber optic cables allow the transmission of data over a longer distance than multimode fiber optic cables. Singlemode fiber optic cables have smaller diameters usually about 9 microns which allow a single source of light source to be transmitted. On the other hand, the multimode fiber optic cables have larger diameters which allow multiple light sources to be transmitted. 

 Fiber optic cables are classified in the categories below:

  • Patch Cable
    Fiber optic patch cable is available with various optical fiber types. It can come in 50 micron, 62.5 micron or others. Fiber optic patch cable is commonly used to make patch cords by terminating it with the fiber optic connectors. 
  • Tight Buffered Cable
    These fiber optic cables provide ease of direct termination as they can be directly terminated with the fiber optic connectors.  
  • Breakout Cable
    The breakout cable is fiber optic cable that consists of optical fiber that is individually wrapped with aramid yarn which acts as strength member and jacket. This construction helps to provide added strength to the breakout fiber optic cable. 
  • Uni-Tube Cable
    Uni-Tube fiber optic cable consists of a central loose tube which contains all the optical fibers.  The glass/ aramid yarns surrounding the central loose tube provide tensile strength to the Uni-Tube fiber optic cable.
  • Loose Tube Cable
    This category of fiber optic cable usually comes with water blocking thixotropic gel to prevent the ingression of water to protect the optical fibers. In addition, an outer layer of armourings such as steel wire armouring, corrugated steel tape is used in the fiber optic cables to provide additional mechanical and rodent protection to the cables making them suitable for direct burial & harsh environment installations.