Mini Visual Fault Locator VLS-8 Series

The VLS-8 Series Mini Visual Fault Locator is very compact which makes it highly portable to be deployed at any locations that require inspection works for the fiber optic link to be carried out. It can check the fiber optic cable, fiber optic patch cord for breakages or damages by providing a laser source which will pass through the entire length of the cable being tested. If there is any fault detected, the light from the laser source can be seen at the damaged point.

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Type of adapters provided

The VLS-8 Series Mini Visual Fault Locator is equipped with a universal adapter that can support FC, SC and ST types. (NEW)  LC Female to FC male adapter for 1.25mm ferrule connector is now available. 


Type of optical fibers supported

The VLS-8 Series Mini Visual Fault Locator can support both Single mode and multimode optical fiber inspection work.