Non Armoured Loose Tube Cable LSZH FLTFZ

The FLTFZ Non Armoured Loose Tube Cable can comprise a total of 6 loose tubes and each of this can support up to 6 optical fibers. To prevent water penetration, the cable deploys water-blocking gel, water blocking tape and LSZH outer jacket. The LSZH jacket will also provide the flame-retardant capability to the cable. The cable does not contain any metallic parts or electric conductor making it an All-Dielectric cable.

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Number of optical fibers supported

The FLTFZ Non Armoured Loose Tube supports up to 6 loose tubes which can support a total of 6 optical fibers each.


Type of optical fibers supported

Both multimode and single-mode optical fibers types can be deployed depending on the requirements. G.652D, OM1 and OM2 are some of the common optical types that are supported. Other optical fibers types are also available.