Non Armoured DTS Cable FTSF-FSUTP(DTS)

The FTSF-FSUTP(DTS) is a non armoured DTS cable that comes with a stainless steel gel-filled tube that can contain up to 12 optical fibers. The stainless steel tube provides mechanical, chemical and rodent attack protection to the cable. The cable also utilizes a PE outer jacket to reduce the risk related to sparking as the internal tube used is of a metallic material.

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Cable Construction


Optical Fiber

Both Single-mode and Multimode optical fibers can be deployed. The common types are Single-mode G.652D and multimode OM1 and OM2.


Uni Loose Tube

The Non Armoured DTS cable contains a single stainless steel tube that contains 2 to 12 optical fibers. The Uni Loose Tube is filled with water blocking gel to prevent water penetration.


Outer Jacket

A layer of PE outer jacket is extruded over the stainless steel central tube to reduce risk associated with sparking.