Ethernet 10Base-FL/FL Extender FMF-682 Series

The FMF-682 series Ethernet 10Base-FL/FL Extender works in conjunction with a 10Base-FL Hub to extend the transmission distance of signals to workstations or other network devices. Both Single-mode and Multimode fiber types can be supported.

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Maximum transmission distance extended

The FMF-682 10Base-FL Extender can extend the transmission of signals to a maximum of 2km if the Multimode type is selected. The Singlemode type can extend the transmission of signals to an even greater distance of up to 20km.


LEDs light indicators

FMF-682 10Base-FL Extender has seven LEDs light indicators which provide indications on the performance of the various functions of the extender such as POWER, LINK, RCV, COL etc.