Breakout Cable LSZH FBOZ

The FBOZ is a non armoured breakout fiber optic cable that comes with a construction that comprises of a maximum of 12 0.9mm tight buffered optical fibers that come with their individual LSZH outer jacket and aramid yarn. These optical fibers are stranded around the Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) central strength member. A layer of LSZH outer jacket is extruded over the cable core to provide the cable with the flame-retardant capability to emit non-toxic gas in the event of a fire breakout.

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Number of optical fibers supported

The FBOZ Breakout cable can support up to 12 optical fibers.


Type of optical fibers supported

The FBOZ Breakout Cable supports both Single-mode and Multimode optical fibers. G.652D, G.655, G.657 A1 are some of the Single-mode optical fibers supported. As for the Multimode optical fibers, OM1, OM2, OM3 are some of the optical fibers supported.