Armoured Unitube Cable LSZH FUTGCZ

The FUTGCZ is an Armoured Unitube Cable with cable construction that compasses a central tube that contains up to 24 optical fibers, glass yarn, corrugated steel tape armouring and LSZH outer jacket. In order to prevent water penetration, the cable comes with water blocking gel, glass yarn, corrugated steel tape armour, LSZH outer jacket. The corrugated steel tape will also serve as armouring to protect the cable against rodent attacks which allows it to be installed at harsh outdoor environments.

The FUTGCZ Armoured Unitube Cable is tested to comply with the following standards by TÜV SÜD: IEC 60332-1-2: 2004 +AMD1: 2015; IEC 60332-3-24: 2009; IEC 61034-2: 2013; IEC 60754-1 : 2011 and IEC 60754-2: 2011 (Test Report No: 7191181983-EEC18)

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Number of optical fibers supported

The FUTGCZ Armoured Unitube cable can support up to 24 optical fibers. These optical fibers are colour coded for identification purpose.


Type of optical fibers supported

Single-mode G.652D, Multimode OM1 and Multimode OM2 are some of the common optical fibers that be deployed. Other optical fibers types are also available such as G.655, OM3 or OM4.