Armoured Fire Resistant LSZH Unitube Fiber Optic Cable, FTSF-FUTMGCZ(FRUVAT)

The FTSF-FUTMGCZ(FRUVAT) armoured unitube cable is equipped with various properties to ensure maximum performance. Firstly, it has mica tape that serves as a fire barrier to protect the optical fibers to ensure signals can be transmitted for some period in a fire breakout. The UV resistance property, on the other hand, provides ultra-violet protection to the cable in the event of exposure to the sun. Lastly, the anti-termite property also prevents the cable from being attacked by the termites.
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Fire Barrier 

A layer of mica tape is extruded over the cable core to provide fire-resistant functionalities to the cable.  


Corrugated Steel Tape Armour 

A layer of corrugated steel tape armouring is extruded over the glass yarn inner sheath to protect the cable against rodent attacks. 


Outer Ultra-Violet and Anti-termite LSZH Jacket 

The outer LSZH jacket with ultra-violet and anti-termite protects the cable from exposure to the sun and attacks from termites. 

Notes: The cable is tested to comply with the following standards. please click on the links to find out more. 

IEC 60331-25:1999

IEC 60331-11:1999  

IEC 60332-1-2: 2004/AMD1: 2015

IEC 60332-3-24: 2018

IEC 60754-1: 2011+AMD1: 2019

IEC 60754-2: 2011+AMD1: 2019

IEC 61034-2: 2005+AMD1: 2013+AMD2: 2019