Armoured Fire Resistant LSZH Loose Tube Cable FTSF-FLTMZBZ(FR)

The FTSF-FLTMZBZ(FR) is an Armoured Fire Resistant loose tube cable that comprises of 6 loose tubes that are wrapped with a layer of mica tape each. On top of this, this cable also incorporates a fire-resistant tape to protect the optical fibers. The cable also comes with a steel wire braiding to provide added mechanical and rodent protection. Both inner and outer LSZH jackets of the cable will provide the flame-retardant capability to the cable and emit low smoke and non-toxic gas in the event of a fire breakout.

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Cable Construction


Optical Fibers

Both Single-mode and multimode optical fibers are supported.


Central Strength Member

Steel central strength member is being deployed.


Loose Tube

6 Loose tubes that are filled with water blocking gel to prevent water penetration.


Steel Wire Braiding

Steel wire braiding is deployed as armouring to protect the optical fibers.