Armoured CCTV Composite Cable LSZH FTSCO-CCTV-3C15X2P24V59-ZBZ

The FTSCO-CCTV-3C15X2P24V59-ZBZ armoured CCTV composite cable is mainly used in the CCTV application connection. It can be used to connect the CCTV control system to the CCTV cameras. It allows multiple signals to be transmitted within a single cable thus deployment cost can be reduced. The steel armour braiding provides added protection to the cable while the LSZH outer jacket provides flame-retardant capability in the event of a fire breakout.

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Cable Construction

Coaxial Cable
1 x 75Ohm RG59 Coaxial Cable


Shielded Control Conductor
2 x 1 Pair 24AWG Shielded Control Conductor


Power Conductor
3 x 1.5mm2 Power Conductor

Element Assembly
PP or PE Material Filler
Polyester tape Wrapping Tape
Black LSZH Inner Jacket
Steel Wire Braiding Armouring
Black LSZH Outer Jacket