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Special Or Customized Cables

We understand that sometimes more complex cable constructions are required for more sophisticated requirements. Therefore, we are happy to work with our clients to provide special and customized cable solutions that best fit their requirements.


Terminating/Splicing Tools and Enclosures

We provide a full range of products to cater to different terminating/splicing needs. For more advanced splicing requirement, fusion splicer will be the best tool to use. Fiber optic termination tool box that contains necessary tools and accessories which proves to be the perfect companion for Engineers doing fiber termination at sites are available.


Ethernet Converters

Ethernet converters provide the capability of converting copper Ethernet network to fiber optic signals. The transmission distance is greatly enhanced with the Ethernet converters. Ethernet converters are compliant with IEEE standards. Various types of Ethernet converters are available with different transmission lengths and functionalities.


Video, Audio, Data and Contact Fiber Converters

Electrical video, audio, data and contact signals are converted by the converters to light signals which enable longer transmitting distance. The converters can be used in many areas such as airport surveillance, railway security and other important premises.


FiberTek Private Limited – An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company 

Established in the year of 1999, FiberTek is a supplier of fiber optic products based in Singapore. It started with the supply of fiber optic components and expanded to add on more products to its range of products. Today, it is a one stop center with the capability to supply products such as fiber optic cables, fiber optic patch panels, fiber optic equipment to fulfill various requirements of the industries that it is supporting. Fiber optic cables by FiberTek can be customized according to the specifications provided. Other than fiber optic cables, FiberTek is also capable to supply fiber optic patch panels. Fiber optic patch panels are available in many different configurations with different adapter types and port numbers.

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