Industrial Gigabit Ethernet POE Converter FCNID-8GP-2GS Series

The FCNID-8GP-2GS Series Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Converter has 2 SFP slots and 8 RJ45 ports with the PoE functionality allowing remote devices to be powered up without additional power supply. Built to be rugged, the FCNID-8GP-2GS series PoE Gigabit Ethernet converter can be deployed in the harsh industrial environment.
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SFP slots for fiber interface

For the fiber interface, the FCNID-8GP-2GS Series converter has two SFP slots. These can be fitted with the SFP transceivers depending on the requirements for the network deployment. 


PoE/POE+ functionality

The  FCNID-8GP-2GS Series converter has 8 RJ45 ports with the Power Over Ethernet (PoE) function that can power up to 8 remote devices at one time without the need for an additional power supply.