Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Converter FCNID-8GN-2GS Series

The FCNID-8GN-2GS Series Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Converter has 2 SFP slots and 8 RJ45 ports. It can convert and extend the transmission distance of the data signals based on the SFP transceivers type selected in harsh industrial conditions.

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SFP slots for fiber interface

The FCNID-8GN-2GS series Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Converter comes with two slots that can be fitted with the small form-factor transceivers. The SFP transceivers allow the transmission of the data signals to be further extended based on the distance selected.


Rugged design and broad operating temperature range

The FCNID-8GN-2GS series converter can be installed and operated in an industrial environment as it can withstand a broad range of temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.