Drop Cable LSZH FDFZ

The FDFZ is a bow-type drop cable which consists of 2 x 250um cladded fibers, 2 x FRP strength members and LSZH jacket that are bonded together. The cable comes with a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) outer jacket which emits low smoke and non-toxic gas in the event fire. This capability allows the cable to be deployed in an enclosed environment. As the cable has a small bending radius which provides it with greater flexibility, it is suitable to be used in the FTTx applications.

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Cable Construction 

Optical Fiber

2 Single-mode optical fibers


FRP strength member

2 FRP strength members are extruded at both side of the cable to provide pulling strength and protection during bending of the cable


Outer Jacket

LSZH outer jacket