Armoured Unitube Cable PE FUTGCP

The FUTGCP is an Armoured Unitube Cable with a central loose tube that is filled with water blocking material which can support up to a maximum of 24 optical fibers. The cable construction also comes with glass yarn, corrugated steel tape armour and PE outer jacket to prevent any water penetration. The corrugated steel tape armouring will help to provide protection against mechanical and rodent attacks to the cable which allows it to be deployed in outdoor harsh environment.

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Number of optical fibers supported

The FUTGCP Armoured Unitube Cable can support up to 24 optical fibers.


Type of optical fibers supported

Both Single-mode and Multimode optical fibers can be deployed by the FUTGCP Armoured Unitube Cable. Some of the common optical fibers are Single-mode G.652D or Multimode OM1and OM2 types.