Armoured Tight Buffered Cable LSZH FTBZCZ

The FTBZCZ is armoured tight buffered cable that comprises up to 24 0.9mm optical fibers, aramid yarn, inner LSZH jacket, corrugated steel tape armouring and outer LSZH jacket. The corrugated steel tape will protect the cable from rodent attacks. Both LSZH jackets will provide the flame-retardant capability to the cable in the event of a fire breakout.

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Number of optical fibers supported

The FTBZCZ Armoured Tight Buffered Cable can hold up to 24 0.9mm optical fibers.


Type of optical fibers supported

G.652D, G.657A1, G.657A2, OM1, OM2 are some of Single-model and Multimode optical fibers that the FTBZCZ Armoured Tight Buffered Cable can support.