Armoured LSZH Loose Tube Cable FLTFAPSZ

The FLTFAPSZ is an armoured loose tube cable that comes with a fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) central strength member and consists of 6 loose tubes which are filled with water blocking gel. To prevent any water penetration further, the cable construction is made up of a layer of moisture barrier, inner PE jacket, steel wire armouring and also the LSZH outer jacket. The steel wire armouring protects the cable from rodent attacks and provides added mechanical protection. The LSZH outer jacket with its flame-retardant capability will emit minimal smoke and non-toxic gas when it is burnt. 

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Number of optical fibers supported

The gel-filled tube of the FLTFAPSZ cable can support up to a maximum of 6 to 12 optical fibers each. In total, the FLTFAPSZ cable which consists of 6 tubes can support up to 72 optical fibers.


Type of optical fibers supported

Multimode and single-mode optical fibers are both supported by the FLTFAPSZ cable. The most common single-mode fiber being utilized is the G.652D, while for the multimode fibers they will be the OM1 and OM2 types.