Armoured Loose Tube Fiber Cable HDPE FTSF-FLTFPYCH(UV)

The FTSF-FLTFPYCH(UV) is an Armoured Loose Tube Cable that consists of 6 loose tubes that are filled with water blocking gel. Each of this tube can contain a maximum of 6 optical fibers. To prevent water penetration, the cable incorporates water blocking tape, PE inner jacket, corrugated steel tape and outer ultraviolet HDPE jacket. The corrugated steel tape will serve as armouring to protect the cable. The ultraviolet HDPE outer jacket will also provide the Ultraviolet Resistant property to the cable allowing it to be deployed at environments that it will be exposed under the sun.

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Cable Construction


Optical Fiber

Both Single-mode and multimode types of optical fibers can be deployed.

Standard optical fiber can be deployed is G.652D, OM1 and OM2.


Loose Tube

A maximum of 6 loose tube cables is supported by the cable.


Water Blocking Tape

Water blocking tape is deployed to prevent water penetration.


Corrugated Steel Tape Armour

Corrugated steel tape armour is applied to provide mechanical protection to the cable.


Outer Jacket

Ultraviolet HDPE outer jacket is extruded over the armouring. This enables the cable to be deployed under the sun.