Armoured Loose Tube Cable HDPE/PA FTSF-FLTAHNSZ(UVAT)

The FTSF-FLTAHNSZ(UVAT) is an Armoured Loose Tube Cable that consists of 6 water-blocking gel-filled tubes. Each tube can hold up to a maximum of 12 optical fibers. The cable construction comprises aluminium moisture tape, inner HDPE jacket, PA (Nylon) jacket, steel wire armouring and LSZH outer jacket. The LSZH outer jacket comes with special anti-termite and ultraviolet resistant properties to protect the cable. The steel wire armouring will provide added mechanical protection to the cable.

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Cable Construction

Optical Fiber

Optical fibers from both Single-mode and multimode types are supported.


Loose Tube

The cable can support up to 6 loose tubes which can contain up to 12 optical fibers each.


Moisture Barrier

Aluminium tape will serve as a moisture barrier to prevent water penetration.


PA(Nylon) Inner Jacket

The PA (Nylon) jacket will serve as a barrier against various chemicals, fuels and oil.


Steel Wire Armor

Steel wire armouring will serve as armouring to provide mechanical protection to the cable.


Outer Jacket

UV resistant and Anti-termite LSZH outer jacket will provide both ultraviolet and anti-termite properties to the cable.